Stop Being Bullied Now

School attendance is mandatory for the majority of children, but there are always those in a group who believe they have the right to bully others. There are many different reasons for it to occur, but it should always be prevented when possible. Students do not always know how to deal with being bullied, so they often put up with it far longer than they should. School assembles are a good way to help students recognize a bully, learn how to prevent it or know what to do when it happens to them.

An Eye for Observation

Everyone on the staff of a school is generally versed in what to look for when it comes to bullying, and they are ready to report it to the proper authorities when it occurs. While this is the way it should be in school, children are often out of sight from adults on a regular basis. Classrooms are generally a safe area for any student because teachers and their aides are present, but the playground has a lower ratio of adults to children. This is where most bullies operate, so it is important to educate children to have an eye for observing the antics of their fellow students.

An Ounce of Prevention

Stopping something before it gets a good start has always been a good policy, so holding assemblies to help students identify and report bullying is ideal. Primary School Powerpoints has a variety of packages designed to help students of all ages to recognize incidents and tell the adults around them what is happening. Their anti-bullying KS2 Powerpoints kits cover the basics of what is occurring and how to stop it. Assembling students into large groups to learn these lessons is also a good way to let those thinking of bullying that they will be observed, so it can prevent bullying just by holding an assembly for all students.

It Is Okay to Tell

One of the first lessons children seem to learn at school is that telling on others is wrong, and they can be ostracized from the group if they do. It is important to teach them not to be tattlers, but there are times when it is necessary. A large part of how bullies operate is using this fact against their victims, so teaching students to tell adults is important. They must be taught there are times when it is important to report another student’s bad behaviour, or the bully will succeed in claiming more victims as time goes on.

Educating students of any age is a complex business, and social rules are often confusing. When children see something wrong, they are quick to report it when they are young. It is unfortunate that they also become victims if they report too much to the adults around them, so bullies use it as a means of control. Teaching students the complex rules of when they should or should not report incidents can be difficult, so it is important to make it as clear as possible that bullying will not be tolerated and should be reported whenever it occurs.