The Ability to Control

Children have a difficult time in many areas of life because they have little or no influence in many parts of their life. Their routines are established by adults, often their parents, who have complete discretion over what they do and when they are allowed to do it. For them, it can be an emotional roller coaster at times. Some of them are able to accept it all with patience, but others want the ability to control at least some small part of their own life. They see adults making the decisions, and they want to be able to do the same thing. There is little enough they can do about most situations, but being able to control how they feel and deal with it is one area where school can assist them.

The Influence of Feelings

Anger, fear, happiness, and curiosity are all feelings children experience on a regular basis. Some of these feelings are due to outside influences such as adults making them do chores, teachers scolding them for not doing their work, a celebration with friends arranged by a parent, and they might even feel curious about the new people moving in next door. All of these feelings can be experienced by children, but learning to deal with them and feel in control is not quite so easily managed.

Exerting Control

For those in school, learning about many new things is all part of the experience. Educators have found that helping young students learn many facts can be helpful, but exerting control over their feelings is a basic need for some. One of the subjects that can be taught in primary assemblies is how to deal with unwanted feelings, and Primary Works has a package educators can use to help them open the topic with their charges. It is a presentation designed to assist educators with teaching self-esteem and control over their own emotions.

Self Help

Young students trying to cope with the worries generated by daily life can become side-tracked, and it can bring their feelings lower when they realize they are not making any progress in their work. There are many different self help tools they can use, and keeping their emotions under control can stop them from feeling bad. Their ability to take a bad part of their feelings and turn it around can give them a needed boost when it comes to their life, and they could find it helps them concentrate on getting past difficulties.

There are no easy answers when it comes to helping people control their emotions, but there are solutions that can work for those willing to try them. The youngest students are often those unable to control their world, and their emotional reaction to it can do more harm than good. Helping them through assemblies and teaching is a good way to let them find their own ability to exert control in small but helpful ways. It can help them reach past their emotional self to accomplish their goals, and it might even keep them from being side-tracked as they progress in their studies.